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Anubias Hastifolia

Leaf lamina is nearly trilobed with 10-33 long median lobe and two smaller lateral lobes, of up to 26 CM long. Petiole is 9-67 CM long. Spathe, which is 2-4.5 CM long, does not fully open when blooms, only the upper part will open. The leaves of younger plants are lanceolate with short cordate base.

Anubias Minima

This is an easy plant to grow and it can survive in a wide level of water parameters. Compared to Anubias Nana, Anubias Minima has long and less round leaves. This species also can be grown in aquarium and terrarium. You can also attach it on driftwood or decorative rocks. To propagate this plant, just cut a part of rhizome.

Staurogyne Repens

Staurogyne is a beautiful light green colour plant which resembles to Hygrophila and is suitable for foreground using in the aquarium. It has small green leaves which are lanceolate and it produces small white flowers. This plant originally is from Brazil. Staurogyne Repens requires strong lighting and CO2 injection. It grows 3-10 CM in height and 5-10 CM broad. Staurogyne Repens provides oxygen to water and can help to balance it. You can propogate this plant by cutting its shoots.