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Anubias Barteri Round (Golden Coin)

This species was not much common in the past, but nowadays it has become more popular among hobbyists. This is an easy plant to grow with long stems those are like Anubias Barteri, but its leaves are circular and more round. Anubias Barteri Round is suitable for Mid-ground and background using in the aquarium. It can be kept in both aquarium and terrariums like other type of Anubias. You can attach this plant directly to the driftwood or rocks. For propagation, you can cut a part of rhizome to be replanted.

Anubias Barteri Var Barteri

Anubias barteri var Barteri has leaves with long petioles (up to 23CM long) about 1.5 times the length of the leaf blade. Shape of the leaf is oval to lanceolate, 7-16 CM long and 4-11 CM broad. This species has a variety of leaf shapes and characteristics. To propagate this plant, cut the rhizome into 2 parts and then give sometimes to plant for replanting.

Anubias Barteri Var Barteri Broad Leaf

Anubias barteri var barteri has leaves with long petioles(up to 23CM long) about 1.5 times the length of the leaf blade. Shape of the leaf is oval to lanceolate, 7-16 CM long and 4-11 CM broad. This species has a variety of leaf shapes and characteristics. the differences in the leaf characteristics have given to the use of epithets in inverted. commas to keep them as separate entities. Anubias barteri var barteri “Marble” has leaves characterised by the presence of white speckles on the green leaf blade, Anubias barteri var barteri “Variegated”, the leaves are mottled with white patches and the leaves of Anubias barteri var barteri “Wavy” have Strong undulating edges. All these cultivars are quite distinct from one another with respect to their leaf characteristics.

Anubias Heterophylla

Anubias Heterophylla is another variable species with respect to leaf size and texture. Leaf blade is 10-38 CM long and very polymorphic in nature; can be ovate with ripplied texture or ellitical to lanceolate.

Anubias Minima Variegated

Anubias Minima Variegated have good growth in both aquarium and terrarium conditions, and It is recommended for the beginners. Minima Variegated has slender leaves and produces flowers. Fertilisation encourages ideal growth, otherwise it is a slow growing mid-ground plants. This plant need to be planted in shade or medium light. Cut or divide the rhizome into 2 or 3 parts to propagate this beautiful plant. Anubias Minima can be fastened easily to driftwood or rocks with thread or fishing line.

Anubias Species ‘Golden’

This plant is the golden variant of Anubias Nana. It is good to start for those who want to plant a tank for the first time. Because it is really an easy plant to grow. Anubias Golden can be grown in aquarium and terrarium. It can grow best if you attach its rhizome to a rock or driftwood. Regular fertilisation and CO2 injection can help to its good growth. For propagation, cut rhizome simply and soon Anubias will be replanted.

Bolbitis difformis(baby leaf )

Approximately 85 species are ascribed to this genus from Africa and Asia. Bolbitis Difformis is a suitable plant for terrarium. It doesn't need a rich substrate, but it should be kept wet and moist. You can propagate the plant by dividing the rhizomes.


The plant species of this genus generally grow on wet lands and are not true aquatic. The species, Lindernia Rotundifolia, a native of tropical Asia, can however adapt to submersed growth. Lindernia Rotundifolia is a perennial. The stem is upright with opposite sessile leaves, circular in shape that are 0.7-1.3 CM long and 0.5-0.8 CM broad. The plant can reach about 30 CM in height. They look very attractive when they are planted in groups in the middle of the tank. Another variety, Lindernia Rotundifolia "Variegated", has leaves with creamy white midrib and veins on the bright green leaf blade, is more striking than the normal green leafed one.