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Pogostemon Erectus

This is an aquatic plants which is originally from India. The leaves are bright green and the stems are like conifer. This plant grows 15-40 CM in height and 1-3 CM in wide in ideal conditions. Pogostemon is a suitable plant for small and large tanks which can be planted in the background. Strong lighting can help to stay compact for a long time.

Pogostemon Helferi

Pogostemon Helferi was discovered in Thailand by aquarists for the first time, somewhere near Burma. This plant is called "Downoi" (Little Star) in Thailand. It is 5-10 CM tall, and 5-10 CM wide, so it is not that much difficult to see it. Pogostemon is an unusual plant which has curly leaves and strikingly amazing green color. Pogostemon Helferi forms many side shoots with good light and rich substrate.