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Microsorium Pteropus SP

This genus is widely distributed in Asia, where it grows as amphibious plant attached to tree trunks or rocks. The genus includes nearly 40 species, but only one is commonly cultivated in the aquarium. Microsorium Pteropus is popular among hobbyists as this decorative plant is hardy and can be maintained easily in any type of tanks including terrariums without the fear of being eaten by the fish. The plant has a horizontal rhizome on which the fronds (leaves) will develop upright. They are bright green, up to 25 CM long and 0.4-0.7 CM broad with a short petiole. A patented variety, Microsorium Pteropus 'Tropica' bred by Tropica Aps, Denmark is characterized by the presence of appendage like extensions of leaf lamina. This plant is taller (can reach 50 CM in height) and is not suitable for small to medium size tanks. Microsorium Pteropus 'Windelov' another patented Variety from Tropica Aps, has unique leaf morphology as the tip of the leaf blade is branched repeatedly and this peculiar branching makes them very attractive. As mentioned above, all these plants are suited to any type of aquarium because of its flexibility with respect to temperature, water hardness and light. However, the rhizome should not be buried in the substrate instead it should be attached to rocks or driftwood.